Menome Insight™ is a comprehensive, extensible data integration, refinement, and relationship discovery platform that unlocks and identifies relevance to all of an enterprise’s data, across all the various knowledge assets across an enterprise.

Menome Insight is delivered in two major components – Menome DataLink™, and Menome Knowledge Center™.

Menome DataLink gathers, refines, and integrates all of an enterprises data – from historical reports, internal data stores, cloud based repositories, email and messaging archives, plus real-time data feeds from research teams or field deployments. Menome DataLink connects this data directly to the Menome Knowledge Center, for advanced analysis and relationship discovery.

  • Sharepoint
  • Email
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Google drive
  • Office 365 Dynamics
  • Web
  • and others…

Optionally, Menome DataLink can serve the data to popular in-house analytical tools, like PowerBI, or upgrade data into your existing enterprise ERP.

To unleash the full power of enterprise data that has been gathered and integrate in Menome DataLink, the Menome KnowledgeCenter engages powerful graph-based visualizations to quickly display the explicit and implicit relationships between the data. Through the Menome Knowledge Center’s dynamic knowledge graph interface, analysts and decision makers to quickly identify the most relevant information needed to support any analysis or decision-making process.

Within the Knowledge Center, users define and refine the relationship concepts that they wish to explore, and quickly see the resulting knowledge graph, which will surface the documents, reports, and other enterprise information that are most relevant to the question at hand. The powerful Knowledge Center interface allows users to quickly zoom in to clusters of relevant data, so analysts can identify important information. Users can even zoom all the way down to specific documents, or even tables within those documents to take full advantage of the data.