Imagine what you could know...

For environmental engineering, M&A, legal, and other knowledge-driven organizations, Menome Technologies delivers breakthrough data consolidation and refinement that turns previously siloed enterprise information into powerful knowledge graphs, providing analysts and executives with unprecedented visibility and contextual understanding of their entire set of knowledge assets for more accurate decision-making.

Menome Insight

Menome Insight™ creates dynamic user-defined AI engines to discover, identify, and prioritize previously hidden data linkages, patterns and structures inside your data.

Menome™ solves a critical problem facing analytical teams and data driven executives – identifying and contextualizing the most relevant data inside an exponentially growing ocean of internal and external information.  Only Menome Insight prioritizes and integrates user-driven domain expertise within a machine based analytical engine to better understand the stories inside the data.

Uncover Trends

Menome delivers powerful proprietary machine-based-learning tools to identify hidden data structures and identify and uncover trends, to provide the richest and most accurate understanding of the impacts of key decision alternatives.

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