Menome Knowledge Center

Organizations collect more data than ever, but are left to imagine what they could know because data are stranded in silos, scattered across many different systems that don’t talk to each other, or locked away in massive file stores.
Capture Domain Knowledge

One of the greatest challenges facing modern enterprise is the ability to capture domain expertise in a format that can augment the organization.  The Menome Knowledge center helps organizations capture domain knowledge so greater insight can be discovered in the organization.

Stop searching and discover your data

The Menome Knowledge Center allows you to browse data from the Menome Insight Platform, helping you find hidden relationships and relevant data from all of your data sources.

Knowledge Page

The knowledge center allows users to annotate data from any type of content and establish relationships between any type of data.  A paragraph on a PDF may be connected to an article found online, or given context by the user who is familiar with the knowledge.