The Power Of Partners

No Company is an Island Menome Technologies has forged partnerships locally and internationally to bring the best possible talent together to solve your data challenges. Whether you are located in Canada, The United States, Europe or Asia, we have the connections to solve the challenge. Our patners bring together deep skillsets in critical elements of software, design, machine learning and AI combined with domain expertise in engineering, the environment, oil and gas, and AEC.
Neo4j enables organizations to unlock the business value of connections, influences and relationships in data. Menome Technologies is very pleased to be a Neo4j partner, active Neo4j community member and contrbuter. Menome harnesses the power of graph database technology to holistically integrate all the data in a digital ecosystem.
Arcurve is one of North America’s leading full-service software development companies helping businesses build and integrate software solutions that make sense. Menome is proud to be located in the Arcurve Startup Incubator space and to work with Arcurve to augment the Menome team on client projects for delivering and supporting pragmatic software solutions.
Golder Associates is a global leader in environment and engineering. Menome Technologies works with Golder’s highly skilled engineers and scientists in the specialized area of earth and environment to deliver innovative solutions to clients.
Statvis unlocks environmental data through beautiful user-friendly software solutions that save money. Menome collaborates with Statvis to help automate data harvesting, integration and prepare environmental data for analysis.
PIR-a’s purpose is to automate high effort/low value workflows associated with environmental work for liability reduction and compliance. Menome and PIR-a collaborate on creating next generation envrionmental software solutions to enable data driven decision making right in the field.
Asica develops AI and ML driven solutions for specific client needs. Menome and Asica collaborate on bringing the best data possible to answer the right questions.